Earn up to 10% per year by staking your crypto

Earn staking rewards on your crypto every week with just one click. No minimum amount, no lock-up periods - maximum flexibility.

Get the highest rewards out of your crypto

Participate in transaction validation on Proof of Stake blockchains, and earn passive income every week without lifting a finger.

These net rewards may be adjusted at any time without prior notice based on on-chain yields. Finst does not guarantee any reward.
Just like investing, staking involves risks and your staked assets are at risk.

Calculate how much extra rewards you can earn with Finst

For every in staked with Finst, you earn € 00.0 more every year.

  • Finst
    € 00.0
  • Avg. competitor rewards
    € 00.0
  • € 00.0
  • € 00.0
  • € 00.0
  • € 00.0

Lending instead of on-chain Staking.

Stake with maximum safety and flexibility

Discover all the reasons why you should stake your coins with Finst.

  • High staking rewards

    Enjoy some of the highest staking APYs in Europe.

  • Full flexibility

    Sell, withdraw and unstake at anytime. No lockup. No minimum amount.

  • Auto compound

    Your staking rewards are automatically re-staked to grow your earnings.

  • Real staking. No lending

    Real on-chain staking on PoS assets - no lending to third parties.

  • Weekly payouts

    Your rewards are calculated daily and paid out every week automatically.

  • Secure & insured

    Maximum staking security with insurance against slashing.

Ready. Stake. Earn.

  1. Enable staking
    Open your Finst account in 5 minutes and enable Staking.
  2. Buy stakeable assets
    Invest in your favorite stakeable asset.
  3. Earn rewards
    Receive staking rewards automatically in your account every week.

Compare our staking rewards

Staking APY
3,20% 3,20% 0,50% 1,00% 2,00% Start staking
2,25% 1,75% 1,50% 2,00% 1,00% Start staking
5,60% 5,50% 1,50% 2,00% 1,50% Start staking
3,25% 0,00% 1,00% 3,00% 1,00% Start staking
Near Protocol
5,25% 5,00% 1,50% 0,00% 2,00% Start staking
10,00% 8,00% 6,00% 5,00% 7,00% Start staking
7,50% 0,00% 4,50% 5,00% 5,00% Start staking

Lending instead of on-chain Staking.

Estimated yearly rewards applicable for flexible staking as of 14/03/2024 based on public information, excluding any promotions or other conditions.

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