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  • No custody fees
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*Average discount based on transaction fees disclosed by 8 providers registered with the Dutch Central Bank using public information available as of 07-12-2023, excluding any promotions, volume discount, maker/taker reduction or additional costs such as spread.

Bundles - smart and affordable

Crypto Bundles are the smartest and most affordable way to diversify your investments. Bundles are automatically rebalanced every month to keep your investment up-to-date with the ever-changing market.

The same unbeatable trading fees of 0,15% apply, with an additional rebalancing fee of 0,10% per month of the Bundle value. What's more? You don't pay any trading fees on the rebalanced amounts. All included.

No added spread. No hidden fees. No strings attached.

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For every you invest with Finst, you save € 00.0 in transaction fees.

Avg. costs featured competitors

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