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Retail investors can finally enjoy the same tools and conditions as professional crypto traders. Ultra-low fees, features-rich platform and maximum safety. All in one.

What is Finst?

Finst is an Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange led by a team of investment professionals who have previously contributed to build one of the largest retail investment platforms in Europe. Finst offers a unique combination of safety, transparency and the lowest trading fees through its easy-to-use and innovative platform.

By leveraging decades of combined experience in trading, security and engineering, Finst aims to create a level playing field for all crypto investors and to set the highest standards in the cryptocurrency industry.

Meet our founders

Finst founders, Julien Vallet and Marcel Putina, have been disrupting the European investment landscape for over a decade. First by democratizing stock trading in Europe, now with crypto. After many years in banking and technology, both met at DEGIRO as early employees, where they contributed to shape the new standards in online investment.

Together with other ex-DEGIRO senior managers, they could not ignore the fact that the crypto industry suffered similar symptoms as traditional financial markets in the past: exorbitant fees, opacity, limited trading capabilities and lack of trust & safety.

Armed with their knowledge and experience, it became obvious to them that the crypto world needed a new kind of investment platform. This is how Finst was born.

Founders – Marcel Putina, Julien Vallet

Radically different DNA

By investors, for investors

As professional investors, we apply our knowledge and experience to build intuitive and comprehensive platforms that we use ourselves, and are proud to recommend to our best friends.

Maximum transparency

While many crypto platforms make it hard to find their fees, execution quality or corporate structure, we take transparency very seriously and always disclose every information you need as an investor.

Clients first

Your interests are at the core of every decision we make. With everything we do, we make sure that it adds value to you as a client so that we maintain the trust you place in us for the long-run.

Proprietary systems

All our systems have been built internally using the latest technologies and security frameworks. This not only provides a high level of security, reliability and speed, but also enables us to execute your trades much faster and cheaper than using a middle man.


We do the right thing, even when no-one is watching, because we believe that’s how successful relationships are built and maintained - not just because it is our duty as a registered Crypto Service Provider.

Safety and compliance

You are entrusting us with (a part of) your wealth and that is why we make no compromise when it comes to your safety and ours. IT protocols, data encryption, compliance standards, biometrics, asset segregation, cryptocurrency vault. All included by design.

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Created where trading was born

While being proud Europeans, we couldn't find a better place to build Finst than Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Not just because it is one of the largest financial hubs in Europe, but also because it is where trading was born.

Finst is registered at the chamber of commerce of Amsterdam under number 85668117 and registered as a Crypto Service Provider with the Dutch Central Bank under number R189158.



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