Invest smarter with diversified crypto Bundles

Other platforms let you buy crypto. Bundles help you invest in them.
Discover the all-in-one crypto solution for passive investors.

Welcome to the future of crypto investing.

We couldn’t find a smart and easy way to diversify our crypto investments - so we built it. Crypto Bundles enable you to buy and sell a combination of the most popular coins directly in one click, with no minimum amount. Invest in a broad range of Bundles, and stay up-to-date with the market with our monthly automatic rebalancing.

  • It’s effortless

    With just one click, you can invest in a combination of the largest cryptos by market capitalization or in specific sectors. Like the pros.

  • It’s smart

    We automatically rebalance the cryptos in your Bundle every month to keep them up to date with your Bundles settings.

  • It spreads your risk

    Investing through crypto Bundles helps you spread your risks. As the saying goes, “never put all your eggs in one basket”.

Get your crypto Bundle in 5 minutes

  1. Sign up for free
    Open your Finst account in 5 minutes with no minimum amount.
  2. Buy your Bundle in one click
    Choose your Bundle, fill in an amount, and buy a combination of the most popular cryptos in one go. With Bundles, you hold the cryptos directly yourself.
  3. We take care of the rest
    We keep your investments up to date by rebalancing the cryptos in your Bundle every month automatically in line with the Bundle settings. All of that against very low fees.

Core Selection

Effortlessly follow the market with the top crypto assets weighted by market capitalization.


Invest in your favorite sector in one click. Green, DeFi, Metaverse - we have a Bundle for every occasion.

  • 2,86% staking APY

    Celebrate the most sustainable projects in the crypto universe

  • DeFi

    Invest in projects offering financial services without relying on centralized institutions

  • Metaverse

    Capitalize on the large variety of new digital experiences in the virtual-reality space

Smart crypto investing starts with Finst.

We make investing in crypto easier, safer and faster than ever before.
All that, with unbeatable fees and full transparency.

  • 83%* lower trading fees on average, while ensuring the best possible execution for your trades.
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  • Registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) with industry-leading security and compliance standards.
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  • Always there when you need us. Our crypto experts are ready to help you via chat, email or phone in Dutch and in English.
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