One platform.
Endless opportunities.

Go beyond buying, selling and holding cryptocurrencies. Discover market opportunities, diversify your crypto wallet and track your performance effortlessly.

The only platform that lets you buy individual cryptos and invest in crypto Bundles.

Bundles are the smartest way to diversify your investments, without any minimum amount or heavy lifting. We rebalance your Bundle automatically every month to keep you up-to-date with the market at all times.

Earn up to 10% per year by staking your crypto

Enable staking in one click and earn some of the highest staking rewards in Europe. Get rewarded every week.

No minimum amount, no lock-up periods - maximum flexibility.

Set recurring orders with Auto Invest

Create your crypto investment plan in one click and maximize your performance with automated purchases and withdrawals.

Always stay on top of the market

Whether you’re an active trader or a passive investor, our trading platform helps you seize market opportunities in a heartbeat.

Explore the most traded coins, winners & losers, overall market performance and browse through your favorite crypto categories.

Blazing-fast real-time execution

Cryptocurrencies move fast, so does our platform. Start small, invest with as little as 1€ with the same ultra-fast execution as professionals.

Unmatched performance tracking

Becoming a great investor starts with understanding how you perform. We've built the kind of analytics you didn't even know existed in the crypto world.

Investing with Finst is like having a Fitbit for your crypto wallet.

Deposit and withdraw your crypto whenever you like

Transfer your cryptocurrencies from and to your Finst wallet easily and securely through our desktop platform or mobile application.

Keep a close eye on your favorite cryptocurrencies

Create and manage your custom watchlist to keep an eye on your favorite cryptos at all times. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Shiba, Dogecoin, Solana and much more.

Peace of mind included

Protecting you and your assets is our top priority.

We partnered with some of the most renowned custodial solutions and Dutch banks to safekeep your assets. With industry-leading security and compliance standards in all our systems.

  • Registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB)
  • Cryptocurrency vault backed by Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
  • Asset segregation to keep your assets safe no matter what

Activity history made easy and transparent

You need to know what is happening and when - our comprehensive activity dashboard does that for you. Keep track, filter, sort and export all your transactions whenever you like.

Check your trades, deposits, withdrawals, rewards, fees - as they happen.

The crypto platform you'll love

We are here to give you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to become a better investor.